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“These are two of the finest, most genuine people you will ever meet. You can completely trust they have your best interests at heart.”

“Very good. Answered my questions Very nice to talk to.”

“After a rough road with realtors and at our breaking point we called Jamie and her husband on a Saturday on a whim hoping we could see an empty home as we had been looking for 14 days with no luck. Even though it was last minute and she wasn’t available she was able to reach out to her sister, who is also a realtor, and made it possible for us to see the home last minute as we were 17 hours away from home. Because Jamie went above and beyond, we are in the process of purchasing our dream home! Although we didn’t personally work with with this business their quick response to our needs and compassion they had for our situation was above and beyond! They were selfless enough to pass an opportunity to sell a home and refer us so we, the customer weren’t inconvenienced. To me this is the type of company people need to pay attention to and work with! Thank you so much Jamie for what you did to make our dreams come true!”

“David was pleasant to work with. Accommodating our time schedule. I would recommend him to anyone needing realtor assistance.”

“So personable and never tired of explaining and addressing different realtor concerns for us to consider. Thank you, Jamie and David for a very easy, comfortable and confident sale of our house in such a short time!”

“I've spoke some of their agents they're lovely people I have no idea how they are as a real estate agency though.”

“David and Jamie were a pleasure to work with. We recently sold our starter home with their guidance. They helped lead us down the correct path, provided recommendations for changes and updates to the home prior to putting it on the market in order to boost interest in the home as well as adding value and allowing us to ask more for the home! David and Jamie are a great team to work with and are always very upbeat and positive to be around. Right after we put our home on the market is when Covid hit hard, David and Jamie never hesitated to provide us with what was really happening with the marketplace and recommendations. They are highly recommended by myself and my wife. Thank you so much for leading us through the process. We sold our home and for well above asking price!”